Eyebrow Transplants Before and After

Eyebrow Replacement

Due to years of plucking and waxing, along with age, genetics, and disease can leave many women with thin, damaged, and shapeless eyebrows. Whatever the case may be, eyebrow replacement is a non-invasive  solution to obtain lasting, thick, eyebrows with a completely natural look.

A variety of variables can be the cause of thinning eyebrows. Genetics, medical procedures such as chemotherapy, over plucking or over waxing your eyebrows for years, and aging are all reasons you can be experiencing hair loss of the eyebrows. An experienced professional, such as those at Transitions Hair Solutions, can determine the issue and if you are a prime candidate for a non-surgical eyebrow replacement.

Image of Eyebrow from Unsplash

Non-surgical eyebrow replacement is a relatively quick and painless process. It is done using extreme precision and artistry to ensure a natural outcome.  The specialists mirror your hair’s natural growth pattern the best they can to obtain the most natural looking results. A non-surgical eyebrow replacement procedure does not take very long and the results are nothing short of remarkable, giving you the appearance of thicker, more defined eyebrows.

Regardless of the cause of hair loss in your eyebrows, Transitions Hair Solutions will create a treatment solution that will meet each individuals wants and needs. Stop penciling in your thinning areas, contact us for a more natural looking and permanent solution.


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