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The World’s Most Advanced Hair Replacement

From the undisputed worldwide leader in hair replacement, comes the complete line of Cesare Ragazzi hair replacement systems. At Transitions Hair Solutions we are elated to offer these unparalleled solutions in our New Jersey hair replacement studio. If you, or a loved one, are seeking a superior hair replacement system, you will find it in Cesare Ragazzi!

The CNC System

Cesare Ragazzi CNC Men's Hair Replacement

The CNC System, by Cesare Ragazzi, is a revolutionary hair thickening system that blends seamlessly with your existing hair. Together with the help of several prestigious universities, Cesare Ragazzi Labratories developed this remarkable hair replacement system. This highly effective, non-invasive approach to hair replacement integrates with hair to resolve complete or partial hair loss.

To create the CNC System, specialist hand sew 100% human hair into a “second skin” like resin. Each piece is customized to match the color, texture and style of the end user’s hair. The results; an incredible hair replacement system that maintains its beauty even with your active lifestyle!

Why Choose Cesare Ragazzi?

Michael Suba wearing Cesare Ragazzi CNC Hair Replacement

The CNC System from Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories is so advanced that you will be hard pressed to differentiate your naturally growing hair from your hair system. With this state of the art solution you will:

  • The CNC system is a nonsurgical hair loss solution from Italian company Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories.
  • The CNC is a medical grade prosthesis, which replicates the look of your own natural hair and scalp.
  • Licensed CNC centers, like ours, take exact measurements of your scalp to create a custom mold.
  • We also match your exact scalp color, hair color, hairline, and hair pattern.
  • All of this information is sent to the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories in Italy.
  • In Italy, a 39-step process takes place, including the use of 3D printing technology.
  • In Italy, artisans also hand inject virgin, non-processed human hair into the base.
  • The CNC has an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal base, which lets heat pass through, making it completely breathable.
  • It can be worn as a permanent attachment with a dermatology-tested medical adhesive.
  • The CNC allows you  to swim, shower, and exercise daily, and live life just as you would with your own natural hair.
  • After receiving a CNC, you visit our licensed center every month for maintenance, just as you would for a regular hair cut
  • Our center also offers a full line of Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories CRLab trichology products for complete hair health.
  • No longer worry about concealing your thinning hair
  • Regain your confidence
  • Get back to your active lifestyle

Caring for Your CNC System

Cesare Ragazzi CNC Men's Hair Replacement

The CNC System is considered the upper echelon of the hair replacement industry. These systems do however require monthly maintenance. As a
Cesare Ragazzi customer you will enjoy access to the world’s most talented hair specialists. You will visits our New Jersey hair replacement studio monthly for routine maintenance and styling. Traveling? Not a problem! At Transitions Hair Solutions we are affiliated with a network of Cesare Ragazzi distributors around the world. Feel free to book a maintenance appointment with one of our affiliates around the globe!

Contact Transitions Hair Solutions Today

Are you ready to discover the Cesare Ragazzi difference? Contact us today! As the leading provider of CNC Hair Systems in New Jersey, we’re prepared to show you the difference first hand. During your no-obligation consultation we will demonstrate why discerning men and women around the globe choose Cesare Ragazzi. Don’t allow your thinning hair to hold you back any longer, begin your journey to hair replacement today!

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