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Hair Loss Analysis

HairCheck Device

Haircheck is a new and exciting technology revolutionizing the hair restoration industry. It’s estimated that seventy-five percent of men and two-thirds of women experience some degree of hair loss in their life. Advancements in treatment options have created a booming $180 billion hair restoration industry. However, proper diagnosis is key to effective hair restoration treatments. The scientist behind Haircheck recognized the need for an effective hair loss analysis tool. After extensive research, they brought Haircheck to market and hair restoration specialist have since been singing its praises.

How Does Haircheck Work?

All About Hair

Haircheck provides a safe and simple method of hair loss analysis. This revolutionary tool checks for breakage, responses to chemicals and treatments and measures hair loss levels. Until now specialists lacked a reliable method of measuring hair loss. Because hair loss sufferers typically lose as much as fifty percent of their hair before it becomes visible to the naked eye, many hair loss sufferers wait far too long to seek help.

In order to benefit from Haircheck technology, you will simply need to undergo an analysis every few months. Haircheck will gather data and enable a hair restoration specialist to determine if your hair loss has advanced, ceased or improved. Haircheck readings will be taken at the back of your scalp, were hair loss rarely occurs, and compared with readings from the top of your head, where hair loss most often occurs. Data will then be compared and your specialist will provide quantitative results. No more guestimating, with Haircheck you will have a definitive answer!

If you’re currently undergoing hair restoration treatments, Haircheck can be an invaluable tool. Want to know how well those pricey prescriptions or topical treatments are working? Haircheck can provide the answer! Is your hair becoming more susceptible to breakage and damage? Haircheck can tell you! Decide to test out a new product? Haircheck can help you monitor its effectiveness!

Why Use Haircheck?

Are you noticing thinning at the crown of your scalp? Perhaps your hairline is beginning to recede. Until Haircheck was introduced, it was difficult to identify the contributing factors to one’s hair loss. With Haircheck the guessing game is over. If you’re serious about treating your advancing hair loss, Haircheck is the answer you’ve been seeking. Though the benefits of Haircheck are seemingly endless, here are 10 great reasons to start using Haircheck today!

HairCheck and Healthy Hair

1. Monitor and treat hair loss more effectively.

2. Save money by eliminating hair care products that don’t work.

3. Access quantitative data about your hair’s health.

4. Gain knowledge to improve the quality of your hair.

5. Be proactive when it comes to hair loss treatment.

6. Access immediate data about the health and vitality of your hair.

7. Drive faster more effective hair restoration results by making informed decisions.

8. Analyze hair breakage, an under diagnosed cause for hair loss in women.

9. Gain peace of mind about the long term health of your hair.

10. Access exclusive data that is only available through Haircheck.

Contact Transitions Hair Solutions Today

Are you ready to complete your first Haircheck hair loss analysis? Contact us today! As the leading provider of New Jersey hair restoration solutions, we are some of the first to adapt this technology. We’re prepared to help you leverage your Haircheck analysis to outline a treatment plan that will stop and even reverse the signs of hair loss. Don’t allow your advancing hair loss to go unchecked any longer, contact us today!