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Full or Partial Wigs & Hair Pieces


At Transitions Hair Solutions we are proud to offer the finest, hand crafted wigs on the market today. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with a bold new style or you’re seeking a medical-grade hair prosthesis; we have the ideal solution for your needs.

Follea Human Hair Wigs

Follea Wig

One of the world’s most sought after hair replacement systems, Follea hair enhancements are for the woman of distinguished taste. Available in full and partial-head hair pieces, these beautiful hair systems deliver stunning results. If you’re in search of a hair replacement system that will maintain its beauty and stand up to your active lifestyle, it’s time to discover Follea!.

Is Follea Right for You?

  • Are you losing hair as a result of chemotherapy or other medications?
  • Are you looking for a hair prosthesis system to add body and volume your existing hair?
  • Do you suffer from alopecia?
  • Do you want to enjoy a drastic style change without the commitment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re a prime candidate for a Follea hair system!

Private Issue Wigs

Women's Wigs

Private Issue wigs are the ideal solution for the active woman seeking a hair prosthesis. From the hair prosthesis experts at CyberHair®, this state-of-the-art system will deliver the look you want in a featherlight design. Each Private Issue hair piece is customized to meet our customer’s unique needs.

Created using patented CyberHair, the most advanced synthetic hair on the market today, Private Issue wigs are as comfortable as they are beautiful. Cyber hair is specially formulated to stand up to virtually any lifestyle. In fact, it’s many times stronger than your own naturally growing hair. With your Private Issue wig you can feel free to live your life. Run, bike, sleep, swim, even skydive without fear of movement or damage to your Private Issue wig! If you’re looking for an affordable, beautiful and practical hair replacement solution, now is the time to learn more about Private Issue wigs!

The Sentoo Wig

Sentoo Wig

The Sentoo wig collection is yet another wonderful hair replacement option for women with discerning taste. Sentoo is the Japanese term for excellent and this hair replacement system most definitely lives up to its name! Available in 7 unique styles, and specially designed for women with sensitive needs, the Sentoo wig collection can deliver where others simply cannot.

With Sentoo you will enjoy:

  • A soft and silky feel
  • Light weight
  • Natural and beautiful look
  • A completely concealed hairline

Contact Transitions Hair Solutions Today

If you’re seeking a hair system to add life to your existing hair or to conceal hair loss, you’ve come to the right place! As the top rated New Jersey hair replacement studio, we offer the very finest systems on the market today. From economical to luxurious, we truly have the ideal solution for everyone. Schedule your no-obligation consultation to learn about all of our hair replacement solutions!